From the vaults....... Classic articles, features and discographies from
B&R's back pages.

Blind Lemon Jefferson (B&R 121)

Honeyboy Edwards (B&R 156)

Harmonica Fats (B&R 164)

Tributes to Keith Briggs (B&R 199)

The Muddy Waters Complete Discography by Phil Wight and Fred Rothwell (B&R 200)

Blues & Rhythm Index from B&R 200
By Henk Maaskant
Contains index of articles of artists, bands and personalities etc featured in Blues & Rhythm: Index of CD compilation reviews; Index of DVD reviews; Index of Book Reviews; Index of Chris Smith's 'Words, Words, Words'; Index of Discographies; Index of Obituaries; Indexes of CDs, LPs and singles. Click here to visit Henk's site!

Rock The Blues Away
B&R Contributor Gary Hearn's discography of John Lee Hooker's Post 1981 Recordings. If you have any additions or corrections please mail him at

Index of CDs and albums reviewed in Blues & Rhythm from Issue #1 to Issue #209 (Microsoft Excel spreadsheet)
Research and updates by Rolf Stensletten

B&R 277 'Rockabilly Cowboys' 10 CD Box Set track list (Microsoft Excel spreadsheet)
John Cleaves sent us this file with the details of tracks contained in the 10 CD box set, reviewed by Tony Burke. The box set contained only limited information. If you bought the set download this straight away and stick it in the box!

The Ballad Of Geeshie And Elvie
A fantastic piece of research into the Paramount recordings of Geeshie Wiley and Elvie Thomas published on 13th April, 2014 in the New York Times Magazine.


Gianluca Tramontana interviews Louisiana Red

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